Lifetime Roofing Labor Warranty

Roof Warranty in Layman’s Terms– If it leaks because of us we will fix it; however, not covered by warranty when homeowner neglects their roof i.e. sharp objects are thrown onto the roof. Not covered when leaking occurs due to ice dams (that is what roof de-icing cable is for). Just don’t damage your own roof and we will fix it.

Labor Warranty

-Repairs Only – The labor warranty term provided to you is two years from the date of the repair or appropriated by the life time expectancy at the time of repair.

Labor Warranty- New Roofs- The labor terms provided to you is per the contract. Please refer to your contract to attain the length of your written labor warranty.

Claims: What you must do to file a claim under this Warranty, you must notify Lifetime Roofing by telephone or in writing, within a reasonable amount of time after finding the alleged defect.

Warranty Service: Reasonable time should be allowed for inspection and service for the warranty claim. Service calls for non-warranty repair or adjustment will result in a $125.00 service charge.

Transferability: This warranty may not be transferred or assigned, directly or indirectly, except for one transfer as follows: the second owner must notify Lifetime Roofing in writing within 30 days after the property transfer has occurred for any coverage to be transferred. The remainder of the labor warranty is reduced to either (a) 5 years from the effective date, or (b) half the life of the remaining labor warranty per the effective date, whichever is less.

Effective Date: This labor warranty becomes effective upon the completion of your roofing project

Modification of Warranty: This labor warranty may not be changed or modified except in writing, signed by an officer of Lifetime Roofing.

Sole and Exclusive Warranty: This written labor warranty is your exclusive warranty from Lifetime Roofing and represents the sole remedy available to any customer of Lifetime Roofing.

Limitation of Coverage

(a)    Lifetime Roofing is not responsible for settlement, movement, or defects in the building, walls, foundation, or roof base over which the shingles are applied (ex. Nail pops).

(b)   Lifetime Roofing is not responsible for damage to shingles due to normal wear and tear, such as

  1. Acts of nature (such as hail) or winds above the maximum wind speed stated on the Shingle Manufacturer warranty;
  2. Impact of foreign objects or traffic on the roof.

(c)    Lifetime Roofing does not warranty the installation of roof de-icing cable for any period of time.

(d)   Lifetime Roofing assumes no responsibility of damages caused by mold due to leaks

(e)   Shading or variations in the color of your shingles, or discoloration or contamination caused by fungus or algae is not covered under Lifetime Roofing’s labor warranty.

(f)     Lifetime roofing has the right to revoke the written labor warranty for any homeowner with an unpaid balance

(g)    Lifetime Roofing is not responsible for any damage caused by another individual working on or near the roof.

(h)   With any accessory installation (i.e. satellite dish mounting kit, etc.) Lifetime Roofing must be notified prior to work to avoid possible cancellation of written labor warranty.

(i)     This labor warranty does not cover items reused during the installation process (i.e. skylights, flashing, power fans, etc.)

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