snow-removal services


A sheet of snow looks pretty when on top of your roof, but don’t let its charming appearance deceive you. Snow is surprisingly heavy, and with many cities in Utah like Ogden, getting 43 inches of snowfall every year on average, the damage it can do to your roof is no laughing matter.

The sheer weight of the snow can cause cracks and structural damage on the roof, especially if it’s not really built to handle all that weight. It can cause even more damage once all the snow melts; specifically, water damage, turning all those cracks into leaks.

Lifetime Roofing provides professional snow removal services in Utah, saving you the trouble of hauling off all that snow from your roof. While we’re not saying you can’t do it yourself, snow on a rooftop can be very dangerous.

It’s extremely slippery, especially on the roof, and there’s always the possibility of it falling on you when you least expect it — not to mention all those icy stalagmites that form when the snow starts melting.

Our team of roofers has a wealth of experience under their belts, so you can be sure that we’ll remove all the snow from your home’s roof safely and efficiently.

Lifetime Roofing is the name you can trust when it comes to safe and fast snow removal services in Utah. Don’t wait for the snow to break your roof; get professional help from our local team of roofers. Call us today for a snow removal estimate.